Studs, 2009, SD video, 10 min


Twenty-six steamy best selling novels, four mini series, four movies, one unforgettable Alexis Carrington (Dynasty), and more than three decades into it, it is impossible for us to dismiss the notion that Jackie Collins and her sister Joan, a tag team of brain and beauty, are juggernauts in the ongoing fight to shape the modern woman.

Gliding between fantasy and disenchantment, Sarah Baker’s ‘Studs ‘ is an unconventional short video that tangentially glimpses into Jackie Collins’ world of love, lust, scandal and betrayal. From Collins’ seminal novel The Stud, Sarah Baker extracts three archetypal characters for her video: The Rich Husband, played by Cherokee Hollywood superstar Wes Studi (Last of the Mohicans), The Bitch, played by Sarah Baker herself, and The Stud, played by Bill May, a champion male synchronized swimmer. Baker choreographs the three characters’ scenes to a soundtrack of disco music interspersed with dialogue- crafted to ultimately insinuate a heartrending grand finale.


"Top Five Galleries: Francis Bacon; Studs; Andy Warhol; Lucian Freud" The Times London by Rachel Campbell-Johnston
"Sarah Baker" Amelia's Magazine by Dearbhaile Kitt
"Sarah Baker: In The Studio" Time Out London by Helen Sumpter
"Studs" Useless Magazine, Sarah Baker interviews Jackie Collins
"Stud Night" Undercurrent Magazine by Yannis Tsitsovis

Performers: Wes Studi, Sarah Baker, Bill May, Brynn Butzman, Kanako Kitao, Cinthia Bouhier
Choreographer: Bill May 
Words: Jackie Collins' "The Stud" (1969)
Director of Photogrphy: Andy Hsu
Sound mix: Adam Lieber

The Bitch Business, Studs, 2008, photo on xerox bond print, A0, courtesy Yinka Shonibare collection. © SarahBaker

Wes Studi, Studs, 2008, photo on xerox bond print, A0. © SarahBaker

Studs, production still, 2008. ©SarahBaker

Filming Studs in Las Vegas, 2008. ©SarahBaker

Filming Studs in Santa Fe, 2008. ©SarahBaker

Interviewing Jackie Collins at the Maricopa Indian Reservation Casino, Arizona, 2008. ©SarahBaker

Jackie Collins Interview, SD video, 2008, 1.30 min

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Stud Night, Jackie Collins Book Club, 2008. ©SarahBaker


Stud Night, Jackie Collins Book Club, 2008. ©SarahBaker


Stud Night, Jackie Collins Book Club, 2008. ©SarahBaker

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I Heart Jackie Collins, 2011, C-Type metalic, 21x23 cm, Yinka Shonibare Guest Project editions ©SarahBaker.

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